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On this page I'll show you pictures of gang related symbols and signs


This is a Blood symbol standing for "Crip Killa"

The crip killa is shorten by CK which means that a Blood will kill a Crip for respect or to earn another star


This is a Crip symbol standing for "Blood Killa"

The opposite of the CK symbol is the Blood Killa symbol or better known as "SK" or "Slob Killa". The meaning for the symbol is the same as the Bloods but vice versa


The five-point star

The five-point star is what the Bloods represent. It is used as what they earn when they commit a gang crime or something to make their ranking in the gang go up. The more stars a Blood member has, the more they are respected by fellow gang members. The five-point star means love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice.



This symbol stands for "Crip for Life". The hand makes the letter "C" and the letter "L".


The six-point star

The six-point star is what the Crips represent. When drawn as grafitti or as a tattoo, it resembles the Star of David. The six-point stars means love, unity, money, loyalty, wisdom, and understanding.


This hand symbol spells "Blood". It is done by Bloods and Crips as well but in totally different meanings. When done by Bloods, they respect the hand symbol and represent it well. When done by Crips, the break their hands across their knee and say "Break Bloods", which means the bloods will have a downfall.