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Interviews with Gang members

On this page I decided to take it to the streets and get some information from a real live gang member. I interveiwed a blood and a crip. They are referred to by their street (gang) name only. Let's see what they had to say.

Interview with "Bloody Streetz" 11/16/05
(This typed version of the interview is word from word, no editing was done, I wanted the website to have the full effect of the member and his interview.)
- "So what set do you claim?"
       "That eastside til' the day I die."
- "So that means you're a blood?"
       "Fo' sho, Blllatttt."
- "How long have you been a blood?"
       "Since day one."
- "And how long is that?"
        "Naw, since day one is what we say, but really about 2 1/2 years."
- "Alright, let's get into the details, so my project is about gangs and their influence, what influenced you?"
       "My friends, my road dogs, cats I grew up wit, they wanted to bang and become part of the fam, so I was like *curse word*, I may as well to, I wanted to get down and earn some respect from the streets, cuz I'm Streetz."
- "Please refrain from cursing."
        "Oh my bad bra."
- "So, there are alot of statitics about gangs, do you feel you are a statitic?"
        "No, I'm not a stat, I am someone, what ya'll don't understand about a gang is that we are one, we ain't no stats man. That stat mess is some bull."
- "Okay, so now let's get into the bloods and how they get down before we end this interview, what did you have to do to become affiliated?"
        "Really, I'm not suppose to discuss the details, but I'll tell you a lil' bit of what I had to do to get down. I did what we call a mission, I had to rob a couple of people, you know what I'm sayin'. You know easy money at the same time. I also had to learn the history of my fellow bloods and the real "O.G.'s.?
- "Were you afraid to do any of this?"
       "At first, I ain't gone lie to you ma ma, I was. But I knew that if I didn't do it, my homies would think I was a punk, and believe me baby girl, I ain't."
- "I see you have the name "Bloody Streetz", how did you acquire that name?"
       "It's where I'm from, what I'm about, what I represent, "The Streetz". You feel me? Bloody is just a title we bloods do, sorta like Mr. or Mrs."
- "If you don't mind saying, I mean no one knows your name or can they see your face, what have you done to show loyalty to your blood gang?"
       "No disrespect ma, but I don't trust you, you might turn me in to the boys. But all I can say is that I done got down for the fam, I done did me and whatever it takes to be O.G. one day."
- Aww man, that's messed up that you don't trust me, but I feel you though. I'm glad you mentioned O.G., what exactly is that?"
      "It mean "Original Gangsta" but sometimes we call it a general. They get the most respect and if they tell a dog (blood) to do something, they have to get down or lay down no matter what, feel me?"
- My last question, the rival with the crips and other gangs, but mostly crips, how do you partake in that?"
         "I mean other niggas got it messed up, we ain't cool with them as a whole, but if we know a crab that's cool, we'll chill with them. It ain't really no beef until they disrespect or cross enemy turf."
- "Well Bloody Streetz, I thank you for your time and I hope you have helped me to pass my project."
       "No problem, ma, anytime and good luck on your project."

Interview with "Cuddy"  11/17/05 via phone
- "So what set of the crips are you affiliated with?"
      "The Hoover Crips, there are only a few of them in Raleigh, but we out there."
- "Well I didn't know that you were a crip until you mentioned it when I told you about my project, why are you or maybe the crips period so discrete?"
       "We not really discrete, so to say, it's just that we not gone do anything for attention or to make ourselves hot like them slobs. We more laid back, but we'll ride. We not no punks or lil' sissies. We just not about to bring no attention so we can get bagged."
- "So what influenced you to become a crip, since my project is about gangs and their influence?"
       "I'm me, no one influenced me, it's not like I saw Snoop and was like I want to be like him, I just wanted to ride for someone and extend my family. My pops wasn't around and my moms ain't no man so I needed someone to teach me how to be a real man and bring me up like one. I could have did it on my own but I wanted a fam to be there wit me."
- "What did you have to do to become affiliated?"
        "I had to get my tail kicked. Yo, that was tramatic, that was the first step to my becoming a man, and I took it. But yo, I was hurt but they showed me mad love for taking that beating."
- "Well I think that's all I have to ask you, I appreciate your time and I hope you have been some help to me and my project."
        "Aight cuz, you be easy and do good on this project aight, one."  

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