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This is the page you will learn about the blood gang.

History of the Bloods

The bloods were started in the 1960s by Sylvester Scott and Vincent Owens. The gang orginated in Los Angeles. The main objective was to be rivals to the crips and to show the crips they weren't the only ones worthy of respect.

This is what a blood gang member will look like such as this famous rapper who is a blood


This member of the blood gang wears alot of red, showing respect for the color affiliated with the bloods. Most blood gang members dress in this fashion.

North Carolina Bloods

The bloods wear red and represent the five point star which stands for love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice.
The bloods do not use the letter "C" in any of their vocabulary unless it is a mistake. They replace the letter "C" for the letter "B"
Bloods address each other as "Bra" short for brother. This is a sign of unity and the respect they have for each other.
They call the Crips "crabs", as a sign of disrespect.  

Blood gangs in North Carolina are "The Pirus", "GKB" "RHB" and "9Trey". There are many more that are not very popular